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Double burger and double grilled cheese Bacon cheese burger "Burgers" ... the hamburger is an American creation and has become a "Style" of life. In the USA, the hamburger is a creation that embraces American's creativity and desire for flavors. Burgers are made from beef, lamb, chicken, and served on a good bun, and dressed with a large variety of condiments, vegetables, and other meats, like bacon.

"Our Burger Secrets" ... Avocado Burger
Brisket on the left, sirloin in the front, short ribs in the upper right corner, chuck in the top middle. A couple hours before grinding, I put all the essential moving parts of my grinder into the freezer so they would be as cold as possible. Then, I cut the meat into reasonably chunks, trimming off any overly grisly parts that would clog the grinder, and separated it into three different burger combinations:

The Shake Shack blend, sirloin adds a softness to the texture, which some do not prefer. Slider burgers with cheese

The Steingarten blend, shortrib meat, chuck, and untrimmed brisket, which is our preferred blend for Cheesy Chester's. Bacon Cheese Burger

The Classic blend, we put the various chunks of beef into the freezer; they grind best if partially frozen. The reason everything goes into the freezer is that cold temperatures are paramount--grinding generates heat, and heat melts fat. If this starts to happen, the ratios will be all off and the burgers can get mealy. Once ground, we form them into loose patties--working the meat as little as possible is important so that the end result doesn't get too tough--and seasoned with salt. Each round of sliders were cooked on a medium-hot griddle until medium or so. burger with cheese

Then we grind, leaving the meat formed into loose round balls, no machine forming and smashing into patties, when the patty is made we hand press ... just like Mom and Dad prepare when in the backyard cooking with friends. burger with cheese Cheese Burger